Valentine’s: Date Night Inspiration

I know that someone out there is still unprepared for Valentine’s Day and scrambling to put together an outfit. So, I thought I’d lend a helping hand by sharing a few styling tips and hot buys. The name of my personal styling business is “REVAMPEDxKim” which means that I’m all about using things you already have in your wardrobe to create a fabulous look. With all the wonderful clothing in the world, there’s absolutely no reason to wear anything the same way twice. So, this means that you can have a new look without buying all new pieces! If this interests you then keep reading! (=

Style Tips:


Ladies, we all have that little black dress in the back of our closets waiting to be worn. Sure, you’ve worn it before and you wanted to go for something a little more extravagant for date night. No worries, this can still be accomplished by accessorizing! Go for a sexy bold shoe or one that offers a pop of color. Then you can build your clutch, necklace and earring selection off of your shoes. Go for statement pieces verses everyday wear or things you’d typically see. Details make a difference when revamping pieces from your wardrobe. Below are some examples and places you can purchase these types of items.

Accessorize Your LBD

Liliana red pumps

ALDO clutch

$28 –

Red necklace

Men, I’m sure you all have a solid colored pair of slacks or at a bare minimum a black suit. Take those pants and pair them with a button down and coordinate your socks and tie. You could go for a subtle printed shirt, like pinstripes, and a boldly printed tie, or a boldly printed shirt with a solid tie. Your socks don’t have to be the same pattern, just a part of the same color scheme. Below I’ve included some examples and places to purchase these types of items.

Date Night!


A jacket or blazer is an easy fix. A jacket in a contrasting color, bold pattern, or unique design can bring new life to an outfit. And for men, wearing a lapel pin adds a little “umph” to your blazer. Check out some of the awesome jackets I was able to find.

Finishing Touch



Biker jacket

H M pink blazer
$23 –

River Island Red ruffle rose lapel pin
$9.18 –


For those of you who have been working out faithfully and would like to show off your figures, I would definitely recommend a bodycon midi dress. This style hugs every curve on the body and the midi length makes it classy enough to wear on a date. Dresses that are short and fitted are appropriate for club wear but not so much for restaurant settings. Now for those that are very busty up top and smaller at the bottom, fit and flare dresses are your friend. This style is fitted up top and hugs the smallest part of Your waist. From there the dress flares and creates a balanced look for your “V” shaped figure. Lastly, if you’re feeling a little self conscious about your mid section, then a ruched dress is a great solution. The gathered fabric detracts attention from problem areas.


Missguided black dress

ONLY black dress
$28 –

Rare London black dress
$44 –

Guys, when it comes to flattering your physiques it’s important to pay special attention to the sizes of your clothing. Shirts and pants that are too small don’t make you look more fit or muscular, they actually tend to make you look uncomfortable. Pulling and bunching are signs of excessive tension on fabrics. If you notice this then you should consider sizing up in your garments. However, wearing clothing that is too large can create a sloppy appearance. Two things to be mindful of: 1) Your dress pants should have no more than one break in them. 2) Make sure the seams on the shoulders of the shirt lay on the outermost part of your natural shoulder curve. Remember, tailors are your friend! Alterations can make a world of difference.


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