Menswear Flair

Menswear inspired pieces are my favorite! I love a good pair of fitted slacks, a good blazer and especially a pair of funky oxfords. I scored these stacked cognac oxfords a few years back from a Journey’s, these high waist plaid shorts from my local thrift store, and this super cute crop top from this dope new line DWDT. Thrift stores are a great place to find nice menswear pieces made out of great fabrics for cheap prices. Sometimes pieces that you find in thrift stores don’t fit exactly how you’d like but don’t be afraid to make that purchase and make them work with a few alterations. The shorts in this look were well past my knees so I cut and safety pinned them to give a more feminine touch. You can use an iron to make your cuffs neater. For more cute casual tops like mine check out @Trendcast on Instagram.

Next time loves!


Stylist: Kimbrelle Davenport


Photographer: Kai Jones

IG: @KaiJonesMedia






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