New You for the New Year III

This year I was blessed to complete my 3rd annual free makeover, New You for the New Year III. The purpose of the makeover is to give back during the season of giving and provide networking opportunities for young entrepreneurs. The contest takes place every December and the makeover takes place every January. This year’s very deserving winner Aja is a hard working wife, student and mother of four. It was a pleasure to work with such a wonderful team to provide Aja with this awesome makeover experience.

The Team:

Hairstylist- Monique Johnson

IG @canvasbymo

Makeup Artist- Porsha Davis

IG @fanciivy_1908

Virgin Hair Vendor- Esther Boadi

IG @weavescrochetsandwigs

Photographer- Jhari Ponder

IG @vonponder





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