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For Ashleigh’s look I mixed and matched neutral colored patterns and tied it all together with a black biker jacket, biker boots  and accessorized with a wide brim hat. This look was put together using things Ashleigh already had in her closet. The only thing we had to purchase was the hat. I absolutely looooved this hat’s dramatic brim and ended up ordering another for myself from!

People can sometimes be so bored with the things that they already own and up feeling feel like they always need to purchase something new for every occasion. In actuality, sometimes you don’t need new clothes you just need a new perspective and new ideas.That’s when seeking a personal stylist can be beneficial. I love helping people achieve those looks they envision for themselves but have a hard time putting together. My favorite compliment to hear from a client is “Wow! I never would’ve thought to put that together”!

When working with a personal stylist it’s important to be sure that you are open minded and willing to trying new things. That’s when you allow us to work our magic. Simply because sometimes the things that you may not have picked for yourself may be the very thing that gives you that look you were going for. Stylists are creative people that have an eye for fashion. We are able to envision things in a way that others are not able to. Just like a chef would with a recipe or a musician would with a song.

Trust your stylist, after all you did choose them.

Thanks Ashleigh for being a great client (=

Later Loves!




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