Menswear: Cropped Pants

With the arrival of the Summer heat, shorts, cropped pants and now “Romphims” (lol) become daily staples in Menswear. Some men tend to be hesitant to try some of the trends in fear of being emasculated. However, the key to successfully pulling off a look, especially for men, is fit. Wearing clothing too tight or too loose can ruin any look.

 When it comes to the cropped pant trend I recommend opting for a tailored fit to avoid looking like you’re wearing culottes and also paying attention to the fabric when selecting a size. With pants that are made from less stretchy fabrics opt for your regular size or a size larger. With fabrics that have a looser fit, like linen, opt for your regular size or a size smaller. Pay attention to the length of your pants as well. Failing to do so will cause your pants to be too long and there will be excessive buckling in the pants legs. For example, if you are 5″9  and 170 lbs there’s no reason for you to own pants in a size W34 L34. Your appropriate size would range from a 31-33 width and 30 length.

Cropped pants tend to look really cool with a pair of oxfords or low profile sneakers. A shoe with a less bulky look compliments this style best. You could also play with patterns by pairing with a solid shirt or adding even more of a wow factor by mixing and matching patterns. For John’s look I paired a neutral colored button down from H&M with an off-white and black patterned crop pant from ASOS. This look is a casual day time look that could easily be transformed to a more polished look by adding the matching blazer, a white button down and a skinny tie.

Hope you guys are inspired to try this trend!

Photogapher: Mike Smith

IG: @ShotsbyMike

Stylist: Kimbrelle Davenport





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