Kim the Stylist

I draw a great deal of inspiration from my hometown, Atlanta, Ga. It’s such an eclectic city with so many styles and personalities to draw from. Atlanta is a place where individuality is king. The more unique, the better. This attitude has definitely shaped my personal style and attitude towards fashion.

Be bold, stand out and wear whatever makes you feel and look amazing! I don’t believe that a person must categorize or put a label on their style. It seems to be such an unreasonable expectation with there being great aspects of every style. This is why I jokingly define my personal style as organized chaos.

My love for fashion began early on in childhood. I remember being in elementary school changing Barbie’s outfits for parties and dates all day. I even created and sketched my own clothing line, KND. Venturing into fashion design as a teen allowed me to realize that personal styling was my passion. Designing and sewing were only secondary interests.

The thrill of finding unique pieces and creating beautiful, bold looks never fades for me. It’s so rewarding to be able to create a look that people love with those unusual garments they’d never think to try themselves. My favorite designers Jeffrey Campbell and Sonia Rykiel are infamous for creating these types of extraordinary pieces.






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