Summer Brights: Lady in Lavender

This blog post is significant for two reasons: 1. It’s a farewell to Summer and 2. this is my debut of my loc journey.  Let’s start with reason number one. As a farewell to Summer I wanted to be sure to post one last Summer look to complete the “Summer Brights” sequence. For this look I paired my lavender ruffle wrap dress from Asos with yellow sandals from Aldo and accessories from Urban Outfitters. The sheen of the fabric on this dress was absolutely fabulous! It definitely brought the pastel color to life. The con to this fabric is that it’s very unforgiving, showcasing every hump and lump I own (lol). My favorite part of this outfit was the triangle clutch because of the contrasting yellow details and embroidered flowers. I’m excited to see what other fun ways I can tie this cute clutch into other looks.

Now about the loc journey! If you’ve never heard the term before then allow me to briefly explain. People decide to get locs for many reasons varying from aesthetic preference all the way down to spiritual reasons. Personally, as a teen I developed a love for the appearance of locs and viewed them as an expression of self love. When growing locs you are allowing your hair to do exactly what it wants to do, you don’t change it or manipulate it to mimic anyone else’s hair, you just allow it to BE and embrace it as is. The beautiful thing is that your locs are unique and reflective of your overall uniqueness. When some people decide to grow locs there is normally a period of reflection, self awareness and a big lesson in patience (because they definitely take time to form). All of these things combined create what people in the loc community refer to as a loc journey. I’ve already learned so much about myself and patience only a few months in and I’m so excited about what else is to come!

Later Loves!

Wardrobe: Kimbrelle Davenport


Photography: Kurt Holder

IG: @iSkinnyLove

Dress: ASOS ; Shoes: ALDO ; Clutch: Urban Outfitters ; Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters







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