Photo Mar 01, 11 20 19 AM

Photo Mar 01, 10 50 04 AM

Photo Mar 01, 10 51 04 AM

Suit: Swank Blue; Shirt: Hey Friday; Shoes: Vans

I love a good statement piece so, I was thrilled about this statement suit! My favorite things typically tend to be the unusual things people don’t like or understand and I’m perfectly fine with that. It has gotten to the point that my close friends, family, and even coworkers have unintentionally created a category for my personal style called “So Kim”. This category consists of all things weird and cool that only I would love (lol).

I said all of this to say, BE YOU AND OWN IT (the definition of style).

Later Loves!



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  1. Johnny Williams March 3, 2015 — 11:26 pm

    This is dope! Keep them coming, I enjoy the blogs.


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