(Kim)ono and Lace

This year my personal styling business reached some really important milestones. I changed my logo, launched an online boutique and expanded my network. Now I am looking forward to closing out this year with my annual FREE makeover, New You for the New Year IV!

Going into the new year my goal is to bring you all new blog posts and looks on a monthly basis as well as increasing my boutique’s inventory regularly. The awesome thing is that many of my looks I feature will include pieces that I am selling! It’s important to remember that REVAMPEDxKim Boutique offers both thrifted and new merchandise so many of the pieces you see are limited and one of a kind.

In this look I am featuring this dope paisley printed kimono and these high-waist red tapered pants for sale. The Kimono is actually a button down that I thrifted in a size XL. Thrift stores tend to be full of beautiful and bold patterns. The issue that I normally run into is that the pieces I love are normally too large for me to wear ( thanks to my online store you guys can scoop them now !). My way of winning the battle is  by opting to wear oversized tops as kimonos, tucking them, and even wearing them as head wraps! Try it out and tag me on Instagram (#REVAPEDxKim) to showcase your creative juices and get featured on my page. (=

Model Stats- XS

Kimono- XL $15

Pants- S $12 (Note: These pants were too large for me and needed to be pinned at the waist. The pants fit a true small best.)

Place orders on REVAMPEDxKimBoutique.com






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