How to: Accessorize Your Jumpsuit


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Meet Ashleigh Guice! She’s a blogger and author of the book “How to X your Ex”. Be sure to check out her blog and pick up a copy of her book.

I had the opportunity to style this beauty for her book shoot and the outcome was amazing. We started with a closet raid where I went through her closet and picked out pieces she already had to build her look. I found this fierce velvet jumpsuit she had never worn before in the back of her closet and paired it with a faux fur coat she already owned.

Ashleigh was concerned about the neckline being too deep so I found a sheer lace bodysuit to layer underneath and add more detail to the outfit. Adding body jewelry, bodysuits and bralettes to a plunging neckline are great ways to add an interest factor to a look and make you feel sexy without being too uncomfortable. I belted her waistline with a skinny belt. Belts are a great way to add versatility to jumpsuits and rompers. You can use them to add color or to play the rest of your accessories off of. Since Ashleigh’s bodysuit had lace details I completed the look with lace booties and a lace choker.

Thanks for reading loves! I hope this outfit gave you a little inspo for some rompers and jumpsuits you may already have in your closet!



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